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Web Design

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Five Seconds. 

That’s how long it takes a website visitor to form an impression of your company. In our world, we analyze sites through analytics that tell us how many visitors ‘bounce’ from a website. Visitors bounce (leave after visiting one page) for a variety of reasons: content, site speed, visual appeal and others. Having a high bounce rate is a bad thing.

Most of our clients already have a logo, but for those who don’t, or wish to revise what they have, we refer to several local experts who offer exceptional skill and service. Once we have the branding visuals as well as complimentary colors, fonts and color elements, we can move forward to design and align your website with your marketing plan. 

When you hire someone who can pay attention to content, function and style details such as colors, fonts, and styling, you will reap dividends by attracting and engaging new and repeat site visitors.

Your only 24-7 employee.

“Your website is your only 24-7 employee.” We didn’t make that up. We heard this statement at a marketing class years ago. But it sure rings true. Doesn’t it?

When you think of your website in that way, it makes you pay attention. 

Our website design and development process starts with your vision and goals and ends with a marketing tool that will work hard to support your business 24-7. Your new website will be become of you most treasured and indispensable business assets.