Website Services

Website Design, Creation and Updates

Clients come to us for web services in various states of development. They may have a website they are very happy with and are now ready to add video. Others may have a site they started but never finished and some need to start from square one.

Not all developers know how to speak to non-developers, which can cause communication issues resulting in unhappy clients. Rest assured, We speak geek and non-geek.

We will put our full geek-power to work making sure your site is coded and scripted properly, but when it comes to communicating with you, we promise we will put on our business owner hats, and leave the geek hat on the shelf.

Whether you need a simple ‘brochure site’ or a full-blown e-commerce solution, we can help…and promise you will understand what’s going on every step of the way.

Web Design

We specialize in building WordPress sites for many reasons: Creativity, flexibility, compatibility with video, and ease of customer management. A website it one of the most important business tools since it works 24/7 to represent your organization. Taking the time to ensure it looks, feels, and functions as a tool that makes you and your employees proud, it key. 

Our typical business client invests between $3,000 – $10,000 for a new website which may or may not include new content. The cost for generating new content such as photos, videos and new narrative is determined on a site by site basis. Functionalities such as e-commerce and other client-centered transactions, are also priced on a site-specific basis. 

Content Development

Content development is centered on you and your organization’s unique story. Connecting and engaging your audience through story-centered content is the most powerful tool any organization can utilize.  

 Content development services include:

  • Copywriting & Story development
  • General business an product photography
  • Full video production
  • Graphic design and stand-out visual elements

Whether you are preparing a Power Point presentation for an annual board meeting or need to revamp a website, we want to help you make an unforgettable impression. Clients appreciate our ability for making the process both efficient and enjoyable. 

The Importance of Solid Hosting Services

There is no website or online platform that is 100% hack-proof. And no hosting company in their right mind would ever make such a promise. Even with some of the big names in website hosting, we have seen sites corrupted from malware attacks and malicious script injections.

And although many hosting companies promise ‘regular backups’ may not have the back up you need when you need it, creating even more stress for a victim of an online attack. These all too common occurrences are experiences we would never wish on any business owner.

When security measures are not taken, and content is not backed up daily, or rankings are poor due to slow site speeds, business opportunities are lost and time is wasted.

Because hosting is key for many reasons including safety, speed, and service, we strongly recommend that our clients use hosting services that offer high-grade security features as part of their basic package. Yes, clients will pay more than $10 per month, which is common for lower level hosting options, but it’s worth every penny when you no longer have to worry about your site and data being compromised.

It’s worth every penny to have the peace of mind that your site is safe and performing well.