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Clients come to us for web services in various states of development. They may have a website they are very happy with and are now ready to add video. Others may have a site they started but never finished and some need to start from square one.

When we work with organizations, our first step is to review existing branding as well as recently published content to gain an understanding for how it supports the company’s business objectives. The next step is to create a fresh list of goals with an action plan for creating new content, adding to, or refreshing existing content. In order to execute desired outcomes and maintain brand continuity for our clients, we offer website development services. This allows us the distinct advantage of giving a home to all newly created content, which, of course, includes video.

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Hosting Management

We specialize in WordPress sites for many reasons: Creativity, flexibility, compatibility with video, and ease of customer management. For clients who desire other platforms such as Drupal or Joombla, we are happy to refer to local developers who specialize in those.

Our typical business client invests between $2,500 – $7,000 for a new website not including new content. The cost for generating new content such as photos, videos and new narrative is determined on a site by site basis. Functionalities such as e-commerce and other client-centered transactions, are also priced on a site-specific basis.