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Video Class & Consultation

Customized technical consulting for your business

We'll teach you what you need to know.

Many of our clients want to learn to manage their marketing media themselves. This includes managing their own websites, social media or producing their own videos.

We offer consulting services in the following categories:

  • Video production basics
  • Photography basics
  • Wordpress site management
  • Asset organization and cataloguing 


How we work

We begin most new projects with a discovery session to understand your business goals, communication preferences, and industry perspectives.

After we discuss what’s possible and feasible based on your budget, desires, and vision for your business, we’ll report back with a proposal outlining a plan to meet your digital marketing objectives.

Moving forward, we’ll work your plan and keep you informed as your project develops toward a set deadline. 

Creativity, Transparency and Commitment.

Image with Red BarWe offer transparency and accountability in solving your digital marketing challenges and work with clients in a variety of capacities including teaching, coaching and doing. 

Clients hire us by the hour, the project, or on retainer for a variety of projects ranging from video production to website development and social media content creation.