Organizational Documentaries - The Making Of

The making of Josephine’s Organizational Documentary

Sharing Josephine’s history, purpose and future.

There comes a time when an organization is ready to tell its story…back to its founding moment. Projects like these are some of our most favorite. Learning an organization’s reason for being, who started it, what is has accomplished, challenges it’s faced and what’s on the horizon.

It’s also exciting to interview people who can articulate well and tell the story with style and passion.

This was the case with the Josephine video project produced for its annual gathering of residents, supporters and staff.

Josephine is a multi-faceted elder and child-care service facility in Stanwood Washington. In the early 1900s Josephine’s Old People’s Home was founded using a donation from John Halls whose wife, Josephine, died in childbirth. After Josephine died, Halls donated $10,000 to the Evangelical Church of America in her honor. Halls had a passion for the elders in his community and wanted to ensure they had a safe place to live out the rest of their days.

Hall’s donation was used to buy land where Josephine now sits. For many years Josephine operated as a nursing home, but in the 1980s a daycare component was added. Daycare has become a thriving integral component of Josephine and children ranging from four months to twelve years in age are cared for throughout the facility. Many of the staff take advantage of the daycare program for their children and receive this benefit at a substantial discount.

All day long children and residents interact. This is one of the many wonderfully unique things about Josephine.

Josephine has found other ways to serve the community with a very busy orthopedic therapy unit, Independent Living Suites, Alzheimer’s program and hospice services.

Terry Robertson, CEO tell Josephine’s story as well as the many facts, figures, statistics and accomplishments that round out the picture of this amazing organization. Please enjoy the story of Josephine.