Thanks for a great Schmooze!

EDASC's Schmooze Fair 2016 was another great success.

Great Time at Schmooze 2016

Schmooze 2016-00369 I recall my first visit to EDASC‘s Schmooze Fair in 2013. I was not prepared for the experience. The entire business community converges to a single location for an after-hours business mingle with a splash of Vegas feel mixed in. It’s LOUD, there’s great food, lots to see, take, touch, and talk about (albeit very loudly).

EDASC helped us get our feet on the ground when we opened our doors several years ago, so after two years in business and coming to Schmooze as a participant, we took the Schmooze plunge, head first in 2015.

Our first booth was a green screen video booth, which our booth visitors LOVED. We were featured in the Skagit Valley Herald, which was a wonderful surprise.skagit media marketing-21

As Schmooze 2016 approached the team discussed options. Although the green sceen was great fun, we didn’t feel a redo was right direction.

We needed something unique and different. As ideas were discussed, a face-swapping booth felt like the perfect idea to develop. Thankfully, our techno wizard Steve helped us through the maze of possibilities as we finalized our plan. It takes many hours of planning and set up to pull off a booth like this. But once the work is over… the fun begins. It sure was a great time.

Check out our final videos cut after each event.

If you are looking for a unique and unforgettable photo/video booth experience for your next event, please contact us. We’d love to help.