Bad Video Land

Our passion? To help you protect, perfect and project your authentic image to connect with your ideal audience.

Video Production

Producing a great video is only half the challenge. The other half is making sure it reaches its intended audience. When you hire us, we’ll make sure you have a clear plan to market your video before we ever pull a camera out of the bag.


Whether you need a great headshot, team photos, or photos of your establishment, we’ve got you covered. Clients tell us we’re affordable, easy-to-work-with and highly efficient. Music to our ears!

Event Services

Whether virtual or in-person, we offer event production, consulting, as well as training services to ensure your next event is exceptional, memorable and profitable. We’d love to about your vision for your next sensational event. 

Virtual Image Coaching

Virtual Image Mastery training is great way for clients to ensure they look and sound their best online. We’ll take you through our five-step process to ensure your image is perfected and projected to the world. 

Timely, Proactive, Virtual Messaging

Gateway Transmission COVID-19 Video Messaging. Nearly 10K views in 30 Days!

Serving Organizations in Skagit County and Beyond.

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